Upgrading on Windows

HYPR Passwordless: Installation: Windows

Application Upgrade

To upgrade from an older version of the HYPR Passwordless client to the latest without removing the current device registration, use the msiexec.exe command.


Example Update

msiexec.exe /q /i WorkforceAccess.msi

The above command will replace all necessary binaries and update the product version without removing existing device registration.


Silent Operations Usage

Either a command-line prompt or Windows PowerShell must be open as an administrator to perform all silent operations (install, upgrade, remove). Otherwise, a silent operation will not change the target machine.

By default, silent install will reboot the target machine. If reboot is unnecessary at installation time, the /norestart option may be used in addition to the standard upgrade command such as:

C:\download directory\msiexec.exe /q /norestart /i WorkforceAccess.msi


The Installation Wizard Does Not Update Software

Running the installation wizard is the same as a fresh install. Upgrading should be done via command line using the optional /q option for a silent install.