Android Headless PIN

HYPR SDK for Android: Android Authenticators

Headless PIN is a way to implement your own PIN screen. You must have the Headless PIN AAID: 0045#0011 in the Control Center in order to use the headless PIN.

The custom PIN screen created by the customer will be displayed prior to calling the HYPR SDK for Android registration/authentication interfaces. The PIN entered by the user is passed to the HYPR SDK for Android via the HyprPinActivity override. The Customer App must extend the HyprPinActivity class and implement an override of the getPinHeadless method. The Customer App then must add the custom HyprPinActivity to the overrides.xml class.

  1. Create a custom HyprPinActivity extended class and override the getPinHeadless method to return the PIN that was entered by the user.
public class CustomHyprPinActivity extends HyprPinActivity {

    public String getPinHeadless() {
        // Return the PIN that was entered by the user in the custom 
        // registration or authentication screen that was
        // created by the customer.
        return pinEnteredByUserInCustomPinScreenCreatedByCustomer;
  1. Add that custom HyprPinActivity class (CustomHyprPinActivity in the above example) to the overrides.xml file in app/<module_name>/src/main/res/values directory.
<string name="hypr_pin_activity_class_override">com.customerapp.CustomHyprPinActivity</string>