Offline Authentication

HYPR SDK for Android

HYPR SDK for Android allows you to authenticate without a network connection by using the authenticateOfflineAppProfile method in HyprApiActionAdapter.

To implement offline authentication, your app should first check if the mobile device has internet access to determine the appropriate method:

  • Call authenticateAppProfile if there’s a network connection
  • Call authenticateOfflineAppProfile if there isn't a network connection

For seamless integration into existing apps, the authenticateOfflineAppProfile method takes the same parameters as the standard authenticateAppProfile method:

public static void authenticateOfflineAppProfile(@NonNull activity,
                                                 @NonNull java.lang.String appProfileDbId)

Implementation Notes

  • The offline authentication process uses cached data from the last successful online authentication, so the app must first complete a FIDO registration and then a successful FIDO authentication
  • The cache is associated with an individual user account and is updated every time a new FIDO authentication occurs
  • Offline authentication should only be used if your app isn’t managing multiple users in an App Profile