Integration Features

Feature Summary

The integration features in HYPR allow you to extend Passwordless MFA beyond the workstation login and eliminate passwords across your SSO-protected corporate resources as well. When you combine HYPR with your existing identity providers, users can log in faster and more securely than with any password-based MFA.

Integrations for HYPR are added and administered through the HYPR Control Center. See Integrations for a full list of HYPR Integrations.

HYPR Enterprise Passkeys

When integrated with Azure, HYPR can be configured to allow any device using the HYPR Mobile App to act as a FIDO2 authenticator. HYPR Enterprise Passkeys are recognized as a Microsoft-compatible FIDO2 security key; likewise, they appear in the HYPR Mobile App as security keys. HYPR Enterprise Passkey can also leverage device Bluetooth and Wifi connections to smooth the user authentication experience.

Event Hooks

HYPR Control Center optionally comes with two canned Event Hooks for HYPR Events so they can be viewed in Datadog or Splunk for additional convenience in reporting. Custom Event Hooks can also be created using JSON format to integrate with other systems.

RADIUS Network Integration

Use the HYPR RADIUS Server as a standalone access method with HYPR, or add it to an existing integration for that integrations's users. All configuration for the server is created in Control Center, then the RADIUS server installation package is created and deployed on a separate server. See Integrating with RADIUS for more details.

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