Quick Start

HYPR SDK for Android

This process requires minimum recommended component versions as described in Getting Started. The packaged default versions do not need adjusting to run after being unpacked.


One for All

This article applies to both the HYPR SDK Base version and the HYPR SDK FIDO version.

Copy AARs

Copy the Android archive files (.aar files, a.k.a. AARs) in the /aars directory of the decompressed download to your project's app/libs directory:

Below is the list of included files:



The recommended way to install the library for Android is using the build system Gradle.

The list of .aar files may differ depending on whether or not you're using Advanced Device Protection and which authenticators you use in your project. The files provided for the sample project represent a subset of HYPR SDK for Android's full functionality

Do not add custom module dependencies to app/build.gradle. Depending on which authenticators you plan to use, you must add custom library dependencies to app/<module_name>/build.gradle; or if they will affect all modules equally, add dependencies to app/commonlibraries/build.gradle.

See Android Authenticators for specifications on each available authentication method.

That's it. Run the project with as few or as many of the sample Authenticators as you like.

What's Next?

HYPR SDK for Android solves several use cases using a variety of authentication methods. Follow the links below to learn more about each:

Use Cases