Android Presence Authenticator

HYPR SDK for Android: Android Authenticators

This document provides a description of and integration guidelines for the HYPR Presence Authenticator interface.

Standard Presence AAID (Authenticator ID)0045#0120
Library NameHyprPresence-<version>.aar




Before any HYPR authenticator is added to a project, be sure to follow the HYPR SDK for Android Quick Start setup and integration.

The HYPR Presence Authenticator specifically requires the following app/commonlibraries/build.gradle file additions:

dependencies {
  // HYPR Common Dependency
  api(name: 'HyprCommon', version: "${hyprVersion}", ext: 'aar')
  // HYPR Crypto Dependency
  api(name: 'crypto', version: "${cryptoVersion}", ext: 'aar') { transitive = true }
  // HYPR Presence Authenticator Dependency
  api(name: 'HyprPresence', version: "${hyprVersion}", ext: 'aar')

User Interface

The text used in the Presence Authenticator can be overridden in the top-level application by modifying the app/<module_name>/src/main/res/values/strings.xml file. Below are the string names and default values that can be overridden.

    <string name="hypr_presence_register_title">Do you want to confirm this request?</string>
    <string name="hypr_presence_authenticate_title">Do you want to confirm this request?</string>
    <string name="hypr_presence_confirm_button_text">Confirm</string>
    <string name="hypr_presence_cancel_button_text">Deny</string>