User Management

HYPR Control Center Standard: Workstation

Use the User Management tab to manage the people who’ve registered and set up HYPR passwordless access to their workstations. You can monitor a user’s login activity, view additional information about the devices they’ve registered, reveal a recovery PIN, or delete the user to prevent future logins.


Monitoring Workstation User Activity

The User Management screen shows a list of all users who’ve installed HYPR Passwordless on their workstation and successfully registered a device. You can filter the results for a particular user by entering all or part of their name in the search field.


Each row displays the following summary information for the user:

UserThe name of the user who logged into the workstation
Mobile DevicesThe manufacturer and model of the user’s mobile device (“Multiple” for users using more than one device)
Last LoginThe last time the user logged into the workstation
Date CreatedThe first time the user registered the device to the workstation
DeleteSee Deleting a Workstation User

Click on a row in the main table to display additional details about an individual user.


If the user has registered with multiple devices and machines, details for each are displayed in a separate section as follows:


Machine NameThe name assigned to the workstation/user login combination
Machine TypeFor passwordless workstation access, this is always “WORKSTATION”
Machine IDThe ID associated with the workstation
Recovery PINSee Revealing a Recovery PIN below


Device NameThe manufacturer and model of the mobile device
Mobile OSThe mobile device platform (IOS or ANDROID)
Device IDThe HYPR-assigned unique ID of the mobile device
Fido IDThe FIDO ID associated with the mobile device
Last ActiveThe last login timestamp for this device
Date CreatedThe date when the device was first registered
AuthenticatorsAuthenticators enrolled

Security Keys

Device NameManufacturer and model of the security key
Serial NumberKey serial number
FirmwareKey firmware version
ModelKey model number
Last ActiveLast login timestamp for this device
Date CreatedDate when the device was first registered
Certificate Serial NumberKey certificate serial number
DeleteClick the delete icon to remove the security key from the user’s account

Revealing a Recovery PIN

Use the Click To Reveal button to retrieve a temporary recovery PIN for users who’ve lost or misplaced their mobile device. For more information about this feature, see Recovery Mode.


Deleting a Workstation User

To revoke a user’s ability to login to their workstation using HYPR, click the Delete icon. Confirm the choice by clicking YES, DELETE in the Delete User dialog.



Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Deleting a login is an irreversible action and cannot be undone. Please make sure the user has a valid password for their workstation account since they’ll no longer be able to use their mobile device to log in.