Bulk Export API


In cases where you want to extract lists or generate reports using HYPR data, we have provided a configurable bulk API to encapsulate large data sets in a single request. For example, instead of reiterating the same call many times against each user to obtain a set of user information, the Bulk Export API can be run against all users in a single call, specifying which parameters are captured.

  • Introspection calls request the allowed groups to be queried and the parameters that can be captured for each group; the results are then used to tailor Fetch requests to your needs
    • GET /cc/api/bulk/introspect/{entity} (global)
    • GET /cc/api/bulk/{rpAppId}/introspect/{entity} (rpApp)
  • Fetch calls query for specified groups and parameters, resulting in the raw data you are trying to capture
    • POST /cc/api/bulk/fetch (global)
    • POST /cc/api/bulk/{rpAppId}/fetch (rpApp)
  • Supports filtering and pagination
    • AND, OR, and NOT combiners
    • GT, LT, EQ, LIKE operators

The Bulk Export API returns only lightly processed data. It does not support aggregation or joins.

See our API documentation for a more detailed explanation.

API Throttling

API Endpoints are now being throttled using a cost-based approach. Throttling is applied by default to all authenticated extractive API endpoints, starting with Control Center admin (rpAppId: controlCenterAdmin) APIs. Functions like the users listing, Audit Trail, and the Bulk Export API (etc.) will be monitored for cost and throttled when the allowed threshold exceeds the cost limits. Throttling is not applied to authentication and registration APIs.

When client requests are being throttled, CC will reply with status code 429 (TOO_MANY_REQUESTS) and an error message (1202500, possibly others).