7.10.0 UI/UX Updates

Control Center

Role-based Management for API Access Tokens
When you create an API Access Tokens, you can now restrict the scope of the token by role.

Both creation and revocation are logged in the Audit Trail.

UI Version Toggle
A new button on the home screen allows Administrators to toggle the User Interface (UI) between Standard and Advanced modes. Advanced mode is the traditional Control Center UI and gives access to a number of additional features that aren't available in the streamlined Standard mode.

Support Email Changes Now Reflected on Registered Devices
When an administrator changes the support email address in the HYPR Control Center, registered mobile devices now pick up the change the next time they authenticate. Previously it was necessary for users to re-register to get the new support email. As part of this enhancement, the App Support Email field has been removed from the app-specific UI Management page and replaced with the Support Email field on the new global General Settings page.

Recovery PINs for Security Keys
Recovery PINs are now available for HYPR Workforce Access Client users who are authenticating with a security key. Control Center administrators can activate this feature on the Workstation Settings page in either Standard or Advanced mode.