Android Silent Authenticator

HYPR SDK for Android: Android Authenticators

This document provides a description of and integration guidelines for the HYPR Silent Authenticator interface.

Standard Silent AAID (Authenticator ID)0045#0110
Library NameHyprSilent-<version>.aar




Before any HYPR authenticator is added to a project, be sure to follow the HYPR SDK for Android Quick Start setup and integration.

The HYPR Silent Authenticator specifically requires the following app/commonlibraries/build.gradle file additions:

dependencies {
  // HYPR Common Dependency
  api(name: 'HyprCommon', version: "${hyprVersion}", ext: 'aar')
  // HYPR Crypto Dependency
  api(name: 'crypto', version: "${cryptoVersion}", ext: 'aar') { transitive = true }
  // HYPR Silent Authenticator Dependency
  api(name: 'HyprSilent', version: "${hyprVersion}", ext: 'aar')

User Interface

The Silent Authenticator does not contain a user interface, as it is meant to authenticate without user interaction.