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This article assumes you have already completed the HYPR SDK for Android Quick Start before continuing.

Out-of-band (OOB) authentication uses Firebase to provide push notifications enabling passwordless login to a web account on a browser via your mobile device. This is a full HYPR implementation for direct communication with a HYPR RP Server / HYPR FIDO Server. Once configured, UI customization empowers you make it your own. The final step is to invite users to login for the first time using a Magic Link--a URL that uses the HYPR Mobile App to initialize the authentication process with a QR code scan.

Before performing OOB authentication, make sure to set up Firebase and your application:
Push Notification Setup.

By pairing your mobile device with your web account via OOB device setup, you will be able to login via OOB authentication with the following steps:

  1. Provide the web account username.
  2. Invoke the OOB authentication API; this will send a push notification to the mobile device prompting the mobile to authenticate.
  3. Upon successful authentication the web account will be unlocked.

Basic Architecture

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To learn more about OOB Consumer Access and how to integrate it into your app, go to the Push Notification Setup page, or check out the Out-of-band Authentication: Java Web SDK and Out-of-band Authentication: JavaScript Web SDK pages.