Logging and Log Levels


This section provides an overview of the logs and log levels for troubleshooting HYPR SDK for iOS.

Enable Logging

To enable logging from the HYPR SDK for iOS, call the method shown below. A HyprLogLevel enum value must be provided.


Log Levels

Logging levels allow tenants to control the details appearing in the logs at a given time. Log levels are described in the table below.

Log LevelDescription
HyprLogLevelAllOutput all log messages. Equivalent to HyprLogLevelVerbose.
HyprLogLevelDebugOutput debug and greater log messages.
HyprLogLevelErrorOutput warning and greater log messages.
HyprLogLevelInfoOutput info and greater log messages.
HyprLogLevelNoneOutput error log messages only.
HyprLogLevelWarningOutput warning and greater log messages.
HyprLogLevelVerboseOutput verbose and greater log messages.


Strongly Recommended

It is recommended to disable all logging in your Production environment.

Error Codes

Error Code references can be found here.