Audit Trail

HYPR Control Center Standard: Workstation

Use the Audit Trail screen in the Workstation section to monitor user activity at the request level and watch for issues that might occur during registration or authentication. The audit information is presented in a simple, easy-to-use interface so you can troubleshoot and remedy problems quickly.


What Is the Audit Trail?

The Audit Trail is a collection of user activity events that cover the entire HYPR operational flow: registration, authentication, de-registration, and other transactions. The various HYPR components collaborate to generate these events and store the corresponding information at every step of each request or response.

Searching for Events

By default, the Audit Trail screen displays the last hour’s events. You can change the timeframe and/or filter the results by username and event ID.

Search by Timeframe

To change the searchable timeframe, click the calendar icon.


To select a specific timeframe, set the Start Date and End Date in the calendar. For a more precise search, you also can enter the time in HH:MM:SS format.

Alternatively, choose one of the Quick Filters to auto-select a timeframe:

Last Hour
Last 7 days
Last 30 days

Search by Username or ID

To narrow down the results and quickly identify events of interest, you can also search the Audit Trail list by text matching against following data items:

Machine ID
Session ID
Device ID
Trace ID

Use the Refresh button to reload the latest results without altering the search filters.