7.8.0 Release Notes

What's New?

Release DateProduct/VersionPlatformNotes
October 05, 2022HYPR Workforce Access Client for Windows 7.8.0Windows (10, 11)Reboot required if upgrading from 7.6 or below
October 05, 2022HYPR Workforce Access Client for Mac 7.8.0macOS (High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey)
October 05, 2022HYPR Mobile App for Android 7.8.0Android 8.0+
October 05, 2022HYPR Mobile App for iOS 7.8.0iOS 12.4+
October 05, 2022HYPR Server 7.8.0Server
October 05, 2022HYPR Android SDK 7.8.0Android 8.0+
October 05, 2022HYPR iOS SDK 7.8.0iOS 12.4+


Backward Compatibility

All HYPR components are fully compatible across the three previous/subsequent minor (X.X) releases

New Features

Enhanced PIN Complexity for Android
The complexity rules for the PIN that users create when registering a device have been changed to prevent number repetitions and ascending/descending sequences. The new complexity rules only affect new registrations and are initially being rolled out for Android, with iOS to follow in a later release.


Configurable Offline PIN Fallback Delay
To keep the offline PIN prompt from appearing prematurely when the mobile device is on a slow network, the number of seconds delay before the HYPR Mobile App will display the offline PIN option is now configurable through the Control Center UI. See the 7.8.0 UI/UX Updates page for more information.

General Improvements

  • (Control Center - V2) Fix a server error caused by an admin entering a non-existent user in the "Search for users" box while enrolling new users to an integration
  • (Control Center) Ensure the log submission ID is shown in the event details on the Audit Trail page when HYPR users submit troubleshooting logs via the HYPR Mobile App
  • (Control Center) Fix issues with the pagination "jump to" feature on the Control Center Users page
  • (Control Center) When a Control Center user is deleted, add the name of the admin who performed the action to the Audit Trail event
  • (Mobile App - Android) Fix screen rendering issue when switching between registrations
  • (Mobile App - Android) Improve accessibility for visually impaired users by having the screen reader recite the number of devices registered under "My Computers" and "My Web Accounts"
  • (Mobile App - Android) Prevent the user getting stuck on a white screen if they start the app while a push notification is being processed
  • (Mobile App - iOS) - Correctly display both the username and RP App name on the "Manage your web account" screen
  • (Platform - V2) Fix an Azure error that occurs when a user has both a mobile device and a platform authenticator registered and they attempt to authenticate with the mobile device
  • (Platform) Add integrationType and integrationProvider values to Registration and Authorization events in the logs
  • (Workforce Access Client - Windows) Correctly report error code 2001059 as "Warning" in the Certificate Template test section of the Workforce Access Client Diagnostics Tool results
  • (Workforce Access Client - macOS) Ensure users can add additional Touch ID fingerprints after installing the HYPR Workforce Access Client
  • (Workforce Access Client - macOS) Improve the installation process for the HYPR Token Driver