HYPR Mobile App Support

HYPR Mobile App

To send HYPR Mobile App information to Support:

  1. In the HYPR Mobile App, tap the three-bar menu in the upper left. The main dialog slides to the right and reveals the pairing roster.
  1. Tap Support, beneath the roster.
  1. A dialog opens containing useful logging and support data.
    • Click Copy Information to place the logging data onto the clipboard
    • Click Send to Support to open email options
  2. If you clicked Send to Support, depending on how your client is configured, you may be given a choice of recipients for the logging data, and/or be able to add an email address manually. The following example shows two different email options based upon the applications associated with this device.
  1. Choose the desired recipient. Provided your device is equipped with a default email client, HYPR Mobile App will send the email and offer confirmation. If the email fails to send, contact your internal Support to resolve any connectivity or email issues.