Roaming Users

Workstation Features: Windows

With HYPR’s Roaming Users feature, users can pair their mobile device once then log into any Windows computer in the domain by scanning a QR code displayed on the login screen.


This type of access extends True Passwordless MFA to the following use cases:

  • Users who frequently need to log into more than one machine within the same domain
  • Users whose organization offers a "hot desk" environment where shared workstations are accessible to any employee without assigned seating
  • Helpdesk admins who need quick access to their end users’ machines
  • Users who need to access “stateless” virtual desktop machines where workstations are wiped to a clean slate

Support for Windows virtual desktops is available with implementation of other third-party VDI vendors such as VMWare and Citrix to follow at a future date.

For more information about configuring and using the Roaming Users feature, see the Logging In as a Roaming User and Workstation Settings pages.