Tap to Log In

HYPR Mobile App

The Tap to Log In feature allows HYPR Mobile App users to access a web-based resource such as a corporate SSO portal or the HYPR Device Manager without needing to first receive a push notification on their mobile device.

To use the Tap to Log In feature:

  1. Go to the login page for a web-based resource that employs HYPR authentication.
  2. Enter your username and click HYPR Mobile App.
  1. You’ll see the “Grab your phone to complete your login...”
  1. Open the HYPR Mobile App on your mobile device and select the web account you’re accessing.
  1. On the Manage your Web Account screen, tap the Login button.
  1. Tap OK to complete your authentication and log into your web resource.


One Way Ticket

Tap to Log In will only initiate the authentication if there’s a request pending from the web browser. If not, you’ll see the following error page:


HYPR Enterprise Passkey and Domain-joined HYPR Passwordless Clients

When using the HYPR Mobile App Tap to Login function to authenticate to an Entra domain-joined HYPR Passwordless client, the option to use a security key will be absent from the method choices.