Analytics Dashboard

HYPR Control Center Standard

HYPR Control Center includes a free Dashboard that captures useful Control Center (not RP Applications) data to better help you understand what's happening on your server. This feature is enabled by default; contact HYPR Support for assistance if you would like it disabled for your environment.

Control Center Analytics features a standard overview dashboard which covers the following metrics:

Dashboard Metrics

Metrics for All Time

  • Licensed Users: Total number of licenses the customer has purchased from HYPR to date
  • Registered Users: Total number of end users who have successfully registered to date
  • Active Users: Total number of end users who have successfully authenticated at least once to date
  • Registration Success (%): (Number of successful registration events) Γ· (Number of registration attempts to date)
  • Authentication Success (%): (Number of successful authentication events) Γ· (Number of authentication attempts to date)
  • Login Success (%): (Number of successfully authenticated users) Γ· (Number of users who have attempted to authenticate to date)

Metrics for the Last 30 Days

User and Device Level

  • Engagement: Trending data of Low/Mid/High user engagement, measured by the number of successful authentications over the last 30 days:
    • Low: 1 - 10
    • Mid: 11 - 40
    • High: 41+
  • Authentication Type bar chart: 30-day trending data of unique users authenticating by either Workstation or Web integration
  • Device Logins: Percentage of unique device types that have been used to successfully authenticate in the last 30 days:
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Unknown

Event Level

Bar charts of common Events over the last 30 days:

  • Registrations: (Success/Failure)
  • Authentications: (Success/Failure)
  • Authentication Types: (Workstation/Web)