Getting Started


HYPR SDK for iOS offers a generous suite of development options, granting the protection of HYPR True Passwordless authentication while allowing you to customize it to suit your needs. Get your own copy of the HYPR SDK for iOS by contacting HYPR Support. Available versions include:

  • HYPR SDK for iOS (Base version)
  • HYPR SDK for iOS with Fast Identity Online (FIDO)
  • HYPR SDK for iOS XC (XC Frameworks Only)

Once you have a copy, if you want to skip all the details and get straight to building, proceed to the Quick Start. A more thorough list of related articles can be found in the HYPR SDK for iOS Overview.

Also check out the detailed descriptions of the HYPR Passwordless API.

Using HYPR SDK for iOS

HYPR SDK for iOS can be implemented in one of the following ways:

  • Web Authentication – Secure websites and web apps; requires direct communication with a HYPR server
  • Workforce Access – For workstations; requires direct communication with a HYPR server
  • HYPR FIDO Client Adapter – deliver only the FIDO payload; requires NO communication with a HYPR server

The main differences between these options are the functionality provided and the required interface components.


Verify the values shown here before continuing.

DescriptionRequirementFound in...
iOS Deployment Target Version12.4+
Supported Device(s)iPhone 5s+
XCode Version10.1+
Supported Architecture(s)x86_64
Programming Language(s)Objective C
DependenciesTrustKit.frameworkSee the TrustKit Reference for more details.


HYPR SDK for iOS makes use of the following permissions:

  • Privacy – Camera: Used to scan QR codes for registration
  • Privacy – Face ID: Used for FaceID biometric authentication