Out-of-band Authentication Certificate Creation

HYPR SDK for iOS: Web Authentication

To configure an iOS app for out-of-band (OOB) authentication, a certificate must be generated by the developers so that the push notifications can flow through Apple's servers.

  1. Login to https://developer.apple.com/.
  2. Open Certificates -> Development, and create a new certificate by following the plus (+) sign:
  1. Under Production select the Apple Push Notification radio button and click Continue.
  1. Select the App ID of the App for which you are creating the certificate.
  1. Follow instructions to Create a CSR file using the Keychain Access application.
  1. Upload the generated CSR.
  1. Download the aps.cer certificate file.
  1. Open the Keychain Access application and drag the aps.cer into the My Certificates tab.
  1. Right-click the newly imported certificate and click Export "Apple Push Services: ".
  1. You'll be prompted to create a password for the exported certificate. Remember this password as you will need it later.
  1. With the password entered, the certificate will be exported as a .p12 file. It can now be imported into a Firebase project to be used for iOS push notifications.