7.7.0 Release Notes

What's New?

Release DateProduct/VersionPlatformNotes
September 07, 2022HYPR Workforce Access Client for Windows 7.7.0Windows (10, 11)Reboot required
September 07, 2022HYPR Workforce Access Client for Mac 7.7.0macOS (High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey)
September 07, 2022HYPR Mobile App for Android 7.7.0Android 8.0+
September 07, 2022HYPR Mobile App for iOS 7.7.0iOS 12.4+
September 07, 2022HYPR Server 7.7.0Server
September 07, 2022HYPR Android SDK 7.7.0Android 8.0+
September 07, 2022HYPR iOS SDK 7.7.0iOS 12.4+


Backward Compatibility

All HYPR components are fully compatible across the three previous/subsequent minor (X.X) releases

New Features

Relocate the HYPR Key in the Windows Registry
To further improve the security of the HYPR Workforce Access Client for Windows, the location of the HYPR registry key has been changed to make user-specific entries accessible only to accounts with Administrator privileges.

Java SDK FIDO2 Support
The HYPR Java SDK has been updated to incorporate all the necessary API calls for FIDO2 authentication and registration. Please see the FIDO2 RP API page for more information.


HYPR Web Account Unpairing
Web accounts which are unpaired through the HYPR Device Manager are now automatically removed from the HYPR Mobile App, removing the need to manually delete the account from the mobile device.

General Improvements

  • (Control Center) Add missing mobile authenticator information and make sure the "Last Active" timestamp is correct on the User Management page.
  • (Control Center) Ensure the "Type of client" and "Username" values are included in the Audit Trail event when HYPR users submit troubleshooting logs via the HYPR Mobile App
  • (Control Center) For the "Last Used" timestamp on the Access Tokens page, show "N/A" for tokens which haven't been used yet
  • (Control Center) Make sure all registered FIDO2 devices are visible on the User Management screen in the Control Center and can be deleted both there and via the Device Manager
  • (Control Center) Prevent an unnecessary page reload when clicking the edit policy button the Overview page for an RP Application
  • (Device Manager) Fix security key registration error caused by invalid characters in the FIDO2 metadata
  • (Mobile App - Android) Prevent multiple presses of the Login button for Web Accounts
  • (Platform) Correctly process workstation log submissions when the userName or machineUserName fields contain spaces
  • (SDK - Android) Add Headless PIN support to the Reference App
  • (Server) Fix authentication issue caused by inconsistent FIDO2 session storage
  • (Server) Make the FIDO session timeout configurable on the HYPR Server
  • (Workforce Access Client - Windows) Improve handling of Trusted Platform Module issues that arise when TPM isn't available during the initial install but is available during a subsequent upgrade
  • (Workforce Access Client - Windows) Prevent multiple versions of the application showing in the Programs and Features list if an older version is installed on top of a newer version

Upcoming Changes

(Server) The installer for the on-prem HYPR Server is now deprecated and will be removed in v7.8