Offline Authentication


HYPR SDK for iOS allows authentication without a network connection by using the authenticateOfflineUser public method in HYPRUserAgent.

To implement offline authentication, your app should first check if the mobile device has Internet access to determine the appropriate method:

  • Call authenticateUser if there's a network connection
  • Call authenticateOfflineUser if there isn't a network connection

For seamless integration into existing apps, the authenticateOfflineUser method takes the same parameters as the standard authenticateUser method:

HYPRUserAgent.sharedInstance().authenticateOfflineUser(userAccount, action: policyName, completion: completion)

Implementation Notes

The offline authentication process uses cached data from the last successful online authentication, so the app must first complete a FIDO registration and then a successful FIDO authentication.

The cache is associated with an individual user account and is updated every time a new FIDO authentication occurs.

If there is no cached authentication available, the authenticateOfflineUser method returns an error (109013).