Web Authentication



Do This First

Before proceeding with this document, please make sure that you've completed HYPR SDK for iOS Setup.

Out-of-band (OOB) authentication uses Firebase to provide push notifications, enabling True Passwordless authentication to a web account on a browser via your mobile device. This is a full HYPR implementation for direct communication with a HYPR RP Server / HYPR FIDO Server. Once configured, UI customization empowers you to make it your own.

To get ready for OOB authentication, you will set up Firebase by completing the Enabling Push Notifications. If you do not already have a certificate defined for OOB authentication, you must also complete Out-of-band Authentication Certificate Creation.

The next step is to pair your mobile device with your web account via OOB device setup (instructions will be shown later). After performing OOB Device Setup, you can login via OOB Authentication with the following steps:

  1. Provide the web account username.
  2. Invoke the OOB Authentication API, which will send a push notification to the mobile device prompting the mobile to authenticate. Upon successful authentication, the web account will be unlocked.

Currently we have two Web SDKs for iOS to perform OOB authentication:

Javascript Web SDK Out-of-Band Authentication with iOS
Java Web SDK Out-of-Band Authentication with iOS