Product Lifecycle

HYPR Support Phases

The HYPR Product Lifecycle document delineates the Support framework for various HYPR software versions, ensuring customers understand the levels of Support available throughout the lifecycle of a product. This lifecycle is categorized into three distinct phases:

  • Standard Support Phase (1 Year): This phase commences from the general availability (GA) of a software version and extends for one year. During this period, customers receive full Support, including new features, enhancements, issue resolution, and critical security updates.
  • Limited Support Phase (6 Months): Following the Standard Support Phase, the product enters a six-month limited Support period. During this phase, the focus shifts to essential Support services, primarily dealing with critical issues and security updates.
  • No Support Phase: Once past the Limited Support Phase, the software version transitions to a No Support status, wherein no further updates, enhancements, or direct Support services are provided.

This lifecycle approach is designed to ensure that customers can plan their upgrade and maintenance activities effectively, aligning with HYPR's commitment to providing secure, up-to-date, and efficient software solutions.

HYPR Software Version Support Lifecycle

The table presents the Support lifecycle for three different releases of a software product over a four-year period. Each row represents a distinct software release, and each column corresponds to a year in the lifecycle. The Support status for each release is categorized into three phases: Standard, Limited, and None.

  • Release 1:
    • In Year 1, it receives Standard Support
    • In Year 2, it transitions to Limited Support for the first half of Year 2
    • From the second half of Year 2 onward, there is no Support provided
  • Release 2:
    • Standard Support is provided in the first year of its release
    • For the first half of the second year, it moves to Limited Support
    • From the second half of Year 2 onward, there is no Support
  • Release 3:
    • During its first year, Release 3 is under Standard Support
    • For the first half of the second year, it moves to Limited Support
    • From the second half of Year 2 onward, there is no Support

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Release 1






Release 2





Release 3




Standard Support

Provided a customer remains current with maintenance or subscription, standard product Support will be offered for each released version of the HYPR Platform for up to one (1) year. Product Support encompasses hot fixes and patches for software defects that significantly impede product usage, along with any available workarounds for other non-critical software issues.

During the Standard Support period, and at its discretion, HYPR (i) may fix bugs in a current release and deliver it as a patch release; or (ii) may schedule bug fixes in a future release. Customers that are current with maintenance may request Support for any severity level issues.

Limited Support

Providing a customer maintains their maintenance or subscription status, limited product Support commences immediately following the conclusion of Standard Support and extends for a period of six months. This Limited Support phase includes email and telephone assistance, problem investigation, and the provision of resolution recommendations based on existing knowledge, as well as supported product releases and patches. Additionally, during the Limited Support period, HYPR may, at its discretion, offer qualified security updates.

HYPR Software Maintenance Activities by Lifecycle Phase

The table below offers a comprehensive overview of the software maintenance activities provided by HYPR across different phases of a product's lifecycle. These phases are categorized as Standard, Limited, and None, each indicating a varying level of support and services available.

Available ServicesStandardLimitedNone
New FeaturesYesNoNo
Enhancement Requests Portal AccessYesNoNo
Issues ResolutionYesYesNo
Critical Security UpdatesYesYesNo
Knowledge Base AccessYesYesYes
Access to DocumentationYesYesYes
  • Support access depends on the maintenance level purchased. Details of maintenance and Support services are provided as part of HYPR’s software license agreement.
  • HYPR may choose to address issues with a significant business impact for the customer through a patch release. Each patch release shall be subject to the same lifecycle as that of the release to which it applies.
  • HYPR may provide enhancements with new releases at its discretion. Our goal is to provide at least four new releases per year.

HYPR Software Support Lifecycle

The table below outlines the Support lifecycle for various versions of the HYPR software. It serves as a comprehensive guide for understanding the timeline of Support available for each software version, helping users and administrators effectively plan their maintenance and upgrade strategies.

  1. HYPR Version: This column lists the version numbers of the HYPR software.
  2. General Availability: This column indicates the date each version was first made available to customers. It marks the beginning of the lifecycle for each software version.
  3. End of Standard Support: The dates in this column represent when Standard Support for each version will conclude. Standard support typically lasts for one year from the general availability date and includes comprehensive assistance such as issue resolution, updates, and technical support.
  4. End of Limited Support: This column shows the end date for Limited Support for each software version. Limited support, available for select versions, follows the Standard Support phase and includes basic support services. For versions where this phase is not applicable, the column is marked N/A.

This table is crucial for tracking the Support status of different HYPR software versions. It enables users to anticipate when they need to upgrade to newer versions to maintain full Support and leverage the latest features and security updates provided by HYPR.

HYPR VersionGeneral AvailabilityEnd of Standard SupportEnd of Limited Support
7.10Jan 4, 2023Jan 4, 2024N/A
8.0Feb 15, 2023Feb 15, 2024N/A
8.1Mar 29, 2023Mar 29, 2024Sep 27, 2024
8.3Jul 12, 2023Jul 12, 2024Jan 10, 2025
8.5Sep 13, 2023Sep 13, 2024Mar 14, 2025
8.7Dec 13, 2023Dec 13, 2024Jun 13, 2025
9.1April 10, 2024April 10, 2025Oct 10, 2025
9.3Jun 19, 2024Jun 19, 2025Dec 19, 2025
9.5Sep 11, 2024Sep 11, 2025Mar 13, 2026
9.7Dec 4, 2024Dec 4, 2025Jun 5, 2026

All future dates mentioned for End of Standard Support and End of Limited Support are close approximations and subject to change.

Software Vulnerabilities and Version Upgrades

HYPR aims to balance innovation with stability, and as such, we reserve the right to determine when a software upgrade is necessary to deliver fixes for software vulnerabilities. This measure ensures the provision of the most secure and efficient solutions. Due to the inherent complexity managing compatibility of third-party dependencies and HYPR application code, addressing certain dependency vulnerabilities may require customers to upgrade to the latest version of our software.