9.0.0 Release Notes

9.0.0 is an Internal Release.

The Internal Release Channel is specifically designed for in-house deployment, targeting both our office and DMO environments. This channel is distinct from those used for customer distribution. It enables our teams to integrate monthly updates, offering prompt access to new features and enhancements. This regular update cycle is key in maintaining an agile and responsive product delivery mechanism.

In contrast, the Enterprise Release Channel, which is employed for customer release, operates on a quarterly update schedule. This less frequent cadence is beneficial for customers who require additional time for adaptation and implementation, ensuring minimal disruption to their business operations. It's important to note that all features released through the Internal Release Channel will be subsequently available in the next scheduled Enterprise Release for our customers.

Minimum Supported Versions

Release DateHYPR ProductMinimum RequirementNotes
February 14, 2024HYPR Passwordless for Windows 9.0.0Windows (10, 11)Reboot required if upgrading from 7.6 or below; Security Key Support for Yubikey 5 Plus and Feitian ePass K9 Plus, K40 Plus and their offshoots
February 14, 2024HYPR Passwordless for Mac 9.0.0macOS (High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura, Sonoma 14.1 [not 14.0])Security Key Support for Yubikey 5 Plus and Feitian ePass K9 Plus, K40 Plus and their respective offshoots
February 14, 2024HYPR Mobile App for Android 9.0.0Android 8.0+
February 14, 2024HYPR Mobile App for iOS 9.0.0iOS 12.4+
February 14, 2024HYPR Server 9.0.0ServerUpgrade to 7.10 required before upgrading to 8.0.0 or higher
February 14, 2024HYPR SDK for Android 9.0.0Android 8.0+
February 14, 2024HYPR SDK for iOS 9.0.0iOS 12.4+
February 14, 2024HYPR SDK for Java 9.0.0Java Development Kit (JDK) 17+


Backward Compatibility

All HYPR components are fully compatible across the three previous/subsequent minor (X.X) HYPR releases.

New Features

HYPR Affirm - MVP
HYPR Affirm enables identity verification (IdV) for new employee onboarding or for account registration with a new device. Once the initial request is made, by default HYPR Affirm MVP uses Okta or Entra ID IdP accounts to determine the requester's manager to seek approval. The verification flow can include typed or video chat, document upload requirements, requester location data, facial recognition, and SMS confirmation. Once a user has been been accepted, they will be sent to the HYPR Device Manager or, if applicable, provided with an Entra ID temporary access pass (TAP).

HYPR Adapt - Event Handlers
Get more out of HYPR Events by adding functionality using Event Handlers. Create, test and implement handlers using the HYPR Adapt settings in Control Center.

  • Augment collection with custom data points
  • Include third-party data points
  • Trigger actions based on Event occurrence

Once you've created your handlers, you can schedule them and prioritize them to generate the results you need.

Single Registration: Web to Workstation
When a device is paired to a web-based RP application using the Device Manager, users no longer need to confirm the pairing using a HYPR Passwordless client. HYPR completes the extra step automatically, precluding the need for a confirmation pairing at the affected machine(s). Pre-existing users don't see any changes; HYPR will update them for you.


  • [All HYPR] All versions prior to 7.6 have been removed from Product Documentation and Release Notes
  • [Control Center] Messaging has been made clearer in cases of an invalid workstation rpAppId
  • [Control Center] The License Key menu option has been removed
  • [Control Center - Adapt] Create and test custom JSON to generate tailored Event messaging using the Event Handler Test Page
  • [Control Center - Adapt; All HYPR] Signals improvements:
    • The most recent signals are sent when making an Authentication request
    • When the HYPR Mobile App is foregrounded, signals are sent continuously
    • Additional signal data has been included from the workstation
  • [Control Center - Integrations; All HYPR] Microsoft Entra nomenclature and branding has been incorporated into HYPR where applicable
  • [Control Center - Integrations] Okta Integrations now include a Username column in the Enrollment drawer.
  • [Control Center - Integrations] Okta Integrations now include an Email column in the User Management Pending Users tab
  • [Control Center - Integrations] User Management now shares a common look and feel for Integrations and RP applications
  • [Control Center; Platform - Keycloak] General QR Login and QR Fallback behavioral fixes
  • [HYPR Mobile App for Android; HYPR SDK for Android] PIN protection improvements
  • [HYPR Passwordless - Both] Contact Support messaging is now aligned across both clients
  • [HYPR Passwordless for Mac] The "fast user switch" feature is no longer needed for Touch ID, and is consequently no longer enabled by the HYPR Passwordless client
  • [HYPR Passwordless for Windows] Passkey support includes handling of multi-protocol use cases for Idemia and YubiKey Bio passkeys
  • [HYPR Passwordless for Windows] Reduced idle CPU usage by HyprOneService


  • [HYPR Adapt] The Event Handler generates Events surrounding administrative actions
  • [HYPR Affirm] introduces Identity Verification (IdV)-specific Events and their Parameters

See Event Descriptions for a list of all HYPR Events and parameters.

Error Messages

  • [HYPR Affirm] In addition to the existing 1207xxx IdV error series, 1201091 has been added

To see all HYPR errors by component, see HYPR Error Codes Troubleshooting Table.


  • [Control Center] Audit Trail Export (POST /cc/api/versioned/audit/export) has been replaced with POST /cc/api/audit/export
  • [FIDO2 Settings] GET /rp/api/fido2/authenticators had previously been omitted and is now documented
  • [HYPR Adapt] Event Handler API (cc/api/integrations/adapt/eventhandler) is now active

You can find detailed descriptors of these and other API calls in HYPR's full Postman API set here.

Upcoming Changes

[HYPR Passwordless for Windows] Support for YubiKey Bio Security Keys
Yubikey Bio security keys can now be used for HYPR Passwordless authentication at the workstation. See Supported Platforms for a full list of supported cross-platform security keys.

Product Documentation Changes
HYPR is consolidating its documentation in an effort to more readily provide the information you are seeking. The overall look and feel will initially remain similar to what you see now. In the second phase, HYPR functions will be defined with a user story in mind, role-dependent, for users, admins, and developers.

HYPR Branding Changes
You may have noticed HYPR content shifting to include a fingerprint theme; likewise, we are changing some of our product names to standardize their labeling. Some are still the old familiar titles you know and love.

We've included the full list of products and features that will be included under the grouping, HYPR Authenticate. HYPR Authenticate includes the suite of components that make up the HYPR system: Control Center (including Integrations and Plugins), HYPR Passwordless, the HYPR Mobile Apps, and the SDKs.

HYPR Authenticate Name Legacy HYPR Server Name
HYPR Cloud HYPR Cloud
HYPR On Prem HYPR On Prem

HYPR Authenticate Name Legacy HYPR Mobile App Name
HYPR for iOS HYPR Mobile App for Android
HYPR for Android HYPR Mobile App for iOS
HYPR Enterprise Passkey HYPR FIDO2 Mobile Authenticator

HYPR Authenticate Name Legacy HYPR Workforce Access Client Name
HYPR Passwordless for Windows HYPR Workforce Access Client for Windows
HYPR Passwordless for Mac HYPR Workforce Access Client for Mac

HYPR Authenticate Name Legacy HYPR SDK and API Names
HYPR SDK for Android HYPR SDK for Android
HYPR SDK for Golang HYPR SDK for Golang
HYPR SDK for Java HYPR SDK for Java
HYPR SDK for JavaScript HYPR SDK for JavaScript
HYPR SDK for Python HYPR SDK for Python
HYPR Server APIs Server API

HYPR Authenticate Name Legacy HYPR Integration Name
HYPR for Okta Okta
HYPR for Workspace Google Workspace
HYPR for OneLogin OneLogin
HYPR for Azure Azure
HYPR for Ping DaVinci Ping DaVinci

HYPR Authenticate Name Legacy HYPR Feature Name
HYPRspeed Desktop SSO

HYPR Authenticate Name Legacy HYPR Plugin Name
HYPR for Ping Federate Ping Federate
HYPR for SiteMinder SiteMinder
HYPR for ForgeRock ForgeRock

Bug Fixes

  • [Control Center] Fixed an error during removal of machine certificates
  • [Control Center - Adapt] Fixed an error when assigning an evaluation point to some Adapt policies
  • [HYPR Passwordless for Mac] Desktop SSO success message closes itself after a short timeout
  • [HYPR Passwordless for Mac] Endpoint rp/wsapi/settings now generates an appropriate error when presented with an invalid SSL PIN
  • [HYPR Passwordless for Windows] Fixed an incompatibility between iOS BLE broadcasting and Windows 11 signal interpretation preventing completion of Entra FIDO2 pairing, and thereafter preventing the user from logging in with that paired device
  • [Platform - Keycloak] The SAML attribute multipleAuthn is now present when a user authenticates with a passkey; previously it was not

Known Issues

  • [HYPR Control Center - Adapt] FIDO2 authentication attempts are not blocked when FIDO2 is not exempted and the Authentication Failure Threshold is exceeded