Android Native Biometric Prompt Authenticator

HYPR SDK for Android: Android Authenticators

This document provides a description of and integration guidelines for the HYPR Android Native Biometric Prompt Authenticator interface.


Pooled Biometrics

The Native Biometric Prompt mechanism pools all Android OS registered biometrics together. This means that any registered biometric on the Android OS can register/authenticate into your app.

Standard Native Biometric Prompt AAID (Authenticator ID)0045#0005
Library NameHyprBiometricPrompt-<version>.aar


Biometrics in Biometric Prompt are Manufacturer-specified

The biometrics available in Biometric Prompt depend on the capabilities built into the device by the manufacturer. Some devices may have only fingerprint readers or face scanners; others may have both.

Native Biometric Prompt Fingerprint Reader

Number of Retries for Enrollment5
Number of Retries for Authentication5
Number of Retries before Timeout5
Timeout before Authentication Can Commence Again30 seconds
Number of Retries before Fingerprint Reader Is Locked15
Fingerprint Reader Lock TimeForever until user goes to Android Settings and unlocks the fingerprint reader.



Do This First

Before any HYPR authenticator can be added to a project, be sure to follow the HYPR SDK for Android Quick Start setup and integration.

The HYPR Native Biometric Prompt Authenticator specifically requires the following app/commonlibraries/build.gradle file additions.

dependencies {
  // HYPR Common Dependency
  api(name: 'HyprCommon', version: "${hyprVersion}", ext: 'aar')
  // HYPR Crypto Dependency
  api(name: 'crypto', version: "${cryptoVersion}", ext: 'aar') { transitive = true }
  // HYPR Native Biometric Prompt Authenticator Dependency
  api(name: 'HyprBiometricPrompt', version: "${hyprVersion}", ext: 'aar')
  // Android X Biometric Prompt dependency
  implementation 'androidx.biometric:biometric:1.1.0'

User Interface

Fingerprint Authenticator


Face Authenticator


Multiple Native Biometrics

If two or more native biometrics are registered on the device, the user will have to choose the preferred authentication method for the native Android Biometric prompt.


UI Customization



Limited Customization

Due to the nature of the Android OS Native Biometric Prompt, there are only a few customization options available, which mainly consist of the text displayed.

The text used in the Native Biometric Prompt Authenticator can be overridden in the top-level application by modifying the app/<module_name>/src/main/res/values/strings.xml file. Below are the string names and default values that can be overridden.

    <string name="hypr_biometricprompt_register">Register Biometric</string>
    <string name="hypr_biometricprompt_verify">Verify Biometric</string>
    <string name="hypr_biometricprompt_register_description">Confirm biometric to continue</string>
    <string name="hypr_biometricprompt_verify_description">Confirm biometric to continue</string>
    <string name="hypr_biometricprompt_cancel_button_text">Cancel</string>

Customization Elements